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Real example of the presented explanations in the meeting of turning the idea into a plan and finally the product

The subject is that a person with an idea in the field of medicinal herbs, refers to an expert consultant with scientific extraordinary and practical experience at the national and international level, and he wants to turn his idea into a plan and then the final product for business by receiving advice and guidance. Due to the secrecy of the ideas of their owner ,only the speech of the consultant are given..

Consultant’s explanation in response to the client’s question on how I can turn my idea into a job and income: The consulting project that we offer is step by step ,for example, for a series of tasks, you determine the duration of the contract, for instance, we want it to be six months, one year or two year, or five years .At the moment that you are reading this, we have a five-year contract for both processing and cultivation of medicinal herbs, we have a two-year contract, a one-year contract, there is also a six-month and nine-month contract depending on the type of plan, for example one person has asked us about the effect of herbal dechlorination formula, herbal dechlorination formula of the herbal colors that they produce will complete their shopping cart, because these people are in the business of henna and herbal colors, they asked us to sign a contract.


It took nine months to complete the contract, from the first step of actually writing the production formula, the trial and error, then the lab, and finally what we deliver to them is the final formula which is laboratory approved. Then we enter the next stage which is registration, that is commercialization and obtaining related licenses. Or, for example, there was a contract that lasted, for instance, four months to correct the formulas of a cream. That person makes a snail cream and says that this cream has an unpleasant smell and it is specially annoying for women who want to use it on their face. We give advise and guide according to what you have said. We need a fixed-term contract, that’s mean we advise you from the first to the last stage of the contract, and you no longer have to pay for each in-person meeting, online or by phone, You pay once for counseling, for example over two years, you can arrange a number of meetings over two years, for instance two or three times a month in person or by phone. For people we advise, we have a web-based system with an application, such as an office card, we communicate in this way, a calendar is defined for you that we define events or a file We will send you and you can observe as well as follow the process steps.

In addition to the mentioned cases, we are also available to you through WhatsApp. This web-based software system is actually for recording our work, after a month or a period of consultation, we see a report of your list of activities and actions, to see what has progressed and what needs to be worked on more, as well as how persistent you have been. We also have a physical folder for you to record meeting information, conversations, and other related activities.

The steps for your project are different and there are costs, and if at one time It costs the cost of materials needed, travel costs, laboratory costs, planning and programming costs and etc, you should separate them from the cost of consulting and should Consider.

In the meantime, we introduce you  a series of loans, loans that may be approved by various banks or centers during the year. If you want to do a patent, we do not recommend this at the beginning because usually people who do patents, have to get a license and produce a few months later, which usually can not happen and is not possible, and the probability of registering a project is very low. The best thing is to move forward step by step to commercialize


The places we introduce to you are reputable, for example, we even know reputable people in logos and branding that we introduce them to your service to make your work easier.

First you do not need a workshop, we tell you where to start and for example we say that there are a series of centers that support new and creative ideas, first you write a proposal that Tells who I am? Who are our team? And what is our product? Why is this product good? Take the same conversation you had with us on paper. Now we have some people who write the plan, but it is necessary to turn your explanations into scientific material; That is, in fact, what the arbiters like and approve..

When this conversion is done, we will complete your team and where the name of the scientific advisors needs to be written, the name of Mehrdad Omidsalari will be written, and the team in the field of medicinal plants will be sure that your team is strong and good, Because there are many places where we work, various centers all over Iran, and these places give an office, a computer and a telephone to all the people we introduced, and rent them for 100 to 200 thousand tomans a month. But many of them now receive gratuitous loans up to 10 million Tomans and low-interest loans around 30-40 million Tomans, and loans from research funds over 300 million to 10 billion Tomans.

One of the people who is wise, he has a formula that he has been trying to register for several years, now he has told us and we were able to register...

 It’s great and important that you love your job. It is good that you have come to the conclusion that you can make medicinal herbs, economical and commercial, and it is never too late to succeed.

Our advice is different, part of it is marketing to say what standard your product needs to enter the market? We standardize this, we come to compare the volume and price of the product with the best-selling products in the market, and you have to add these features to your product and subtract a series of features. So, your product is actually corrected. In the field of branding, we suggest specific words with related meanings for logo making. We always try to say all your expenses in each idea and plan, and the most important thing, first and foremost, is your enthusiasm and it is very good to be the same until the end, we also try to share our experiences and knowledge, At your disposal. Try to be hopeful, because everything is possible.

Everything in the world is made twice, once in the mind and once physically, now you have made this idea in your mind and we are making it together and the process that went on, what was in your mind, is placed on the table. You can be sure of the progress as you may not have gone through these steps, but we as a consultant for many people have gone through these steps.

Review the steps, in order you have an idea, a proposal is written and a plan is written, approved, you will have an office, you will write a letter and you will get a laboratory in standard conditions to produce the product and so on. When you want to get a license, your product line must be a workshop or factory. At that time, we use companies that have a production line and rent, or we give you advice on setting up a workshop. Then you can get the necessary licenses, including health apples. You will go through all these stages like the blink of an eye and your product will sell well in domestic and foreign markets.….  …



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<< Although Lavandula angustifolia Mill or Lavender is widely used in perfumery and hygiene today, but some people believe that if we put a small bag of lavender under the pillow at night it will led to relieve headaches, make sleep easier and keep away willows and other insects .>> 
<<The root of Althaea officinalis or Marsh-mallow counteracts the increase of stomach acid and gastritis, and the infusion of this plant and its leaves can be used to treat shoulder inflammation as well as frequent urination. It is also worth mentioning: the root of this plant is used as an ointment to treat pimples and itching.>>
<< Lemon juice is the best medicine for normal and bloody diarrhea and many pains are treated with lemon juice including diabetes, blood concentration ,colds ,fever ,sore throat, headache, backache, shortness of breath and kidney pain. Lemon juice is useful in purifying the blood and redness of the skin, pimples on the face due to blood pollution and accumulation of toxins in the liver, disappears with the use of lemon juice.>>
Dr.Bayat , a nutritionist and expert ,added in an interview with the Journalist’s Club:
“Each fruit is necessary for the body and each person should have three to four servings of fruit in their daily routine.” “Eating bananas is good for people with high blood pressure, and it also regulates the circulatory system due to its potassium content. “he said.  “Bananas which are fully ripe and brown produce a substance in the stomach that reduces stomach acid and reduces the severity of stomach ulcers, “he said.
<<Moringa oleifera (Moringa) or drumstick tree is a plant that has been praised for thousands of years for its health benefits. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and biologically active plant compounds .So far ,scientists have only examined some of its many well- known health benefits.>>
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